465 Keene Centre Drive
Nicholasville, KY 40356

Mon - Fri 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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The Prescription pad is......

A retail pharmacy that dispenses prescription medications, home medical equipment, oxygen, and over-the-counter drugs.

A compounding pharmacy
; as owner, Mike Montgomery is a member of Prescription Compounding Centers of America (PCCA).

This means that we make, or “compound,” prescriptions that are not available commercially.

Examples of compounded prescriptions are:
hormone replacement therapy, transdermal gels or creams, and tetracaine lollipops.
Many veterinary prescriptions are compounded.
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The Prescription Pad is… a community pharmacy that is dedicated to providing prompt, professional and personal service.

Meet Our Pharmacy Team


Mike Montgomery

Mike has been a pharmacist since 1972;
his dream  has always been to be an independent community pharmacy owner. 
At The Prescription Pad, he is living that dream.  Despite the changes and challenges of pharmacy today, Mike still believes that independent community pharmacy is vital to the healthcare of you and your family.  Mike and his team go that extra mile to see that your questions are answered and that you
get the service you deserve.

Kathy Kathy Montgomery

Thanks to Kathy Montgomery, wife of Prescription Pad owner and pharmacist Mike Montgomery, The Prescription Pad isn’t just a pharmacy with a friendly, family atmosphere: it’s a family-run pharmacy.

“In addition to making sure that the business runs smoothly, Kathy is responsible for many of the ‘up close and personal’ touches we have here,” Mike says, “like the fact that if, for any reason, our customers aren’t able to come in to the pharmacy, we’ll go to them. Those touches, and the fact that our team members are very experienced and tend to stay with us for a long, long time, becoming a part of our ‘Prescription Pad family’ – Kathy makes the difference.”

Susie Pitmon
Pharmacy Technician

Susie started working part time in 1996 for Mike and Kathy, but she quickly became full time.  She not only assists the pharmacists – she also helps in every aspect of the business.  She is quick to greet customers as they walk in the door, and she always goes the extra mile to ensure that our customers are satisfied.

Ashley Ashley Starr
Pharmacy Technician

Ashley completed an internship as a pharmacy technician at The Prescription Pad in the fall of 2008.  Mike and Kathy realized Ashley’s potential as a pharmacy technician and offered her a fulltime position which she accepted upon graduation in December.  Ashley is always eager to assist not only the pharmacists and other staff, but most importantly the customers!

B.J. Addington
Staff Pharmacist

Sheila Beaven
Staff Pharmacist

Both B.J. and Sheila have worked for Mike and Kathy since 2002.   As independent community pharmacists, they take their jobs very seriously by making sure customers receive counseling on new drugs and by answering any questions customers may have.  B.J. and Sheila both enjoy the family atmosphere and ability to interact with customers at The Prescription Pad.

Glenn Downs Glenn Downs

Glenn Downs has joined The Prescription Pad staff as a part time relief pharmacist. He is a 2008 graduate of the UK College of Pharmacy.

Pat Brell
Staff Pharmacy Technician

Pat’s knowledge and experience of 30 years in clinical laboratories in area hospitals gives her a real advantage when it comes to assisting customers with their healthcare questions.  Pat says, “I like to help businesses in my own community.  It just makes sense to me to work with friends and neighbors who care and will
go the extra mile.”
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